An Expose of America's Retirement Experiment


What is the Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie about?

In his own words, filmmaker Doug Orchard describes the Baby Boomer Dilemma movie as “An expose on America’s retirement experiment.” The movie covers the historical story of “the pension era” and the many challenges that both pension managers and participants experienced that led to a massive decline in the availability of pensions for most workers.

As the market shifted away from pensions (defined benefit plan) toward 401Ks (defined contribution plans), American’s were faced with a whole new series of challenges. Today the two biggest risks (investment risk and longevity/income risk) are now squarely on the shoulders of the people who know the least – individual savers and retirees. But it’s not all bad news! The conclusion of the movie shows how every American does have access to dependable, pension-like income with annuities.

Throughout the movie financial experts, published authors, PhDs, economists and even Nobel Prize winners tell the story of the Baby Boomer Dilemma in a way that both educates and entertains the audience.

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"The Baby Boomer Dilemma" – a riveting documentary unearths the precarious path of America's retirement since World War II. From the intricate dynamics of public and corporate pensions to the debated efficacy of Social Security and 401(k)s, this film paints a comprehensive picture. What's the final takeaway? The power and potential of annuities to bridge the national retirement income gap.


Renowned minds like Nobel Prize winners William F. Sharpe and Robert C. Merton, along with other esteemed experts, share their insights on the topic. Their collective expertise brings forth a profound narrative on the history, the challenges, and the solutions for retirement financing in the US. At its core, the documentary echoes a resonating endorsement for income annuities.


While the film showcases a comprehensive roster of experts, it's not just about academic perspectives. There's a human touch – a fictional Florida couple whose struggles encapsulate the worries of many. Their journey, culminating in the realization of missed opportunities like pensions and annuities, is a heartfelt testament to the pressing concerns of many nearing retirement.


It's not merely a film—it's a call to action. As the narrative evolves, the spotlight turns to annuities, often misunderstood but presented here as potential lifelines. Leading figures, from Nobel laureates like Robert C. Merton and William F. Sharpe to industry experts like Tom Hegna, make a compelling case for re-evaluating these financial instruments.

So, What Exactly is The Baby Boomer Dilemma?

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About The Social Security & Taxes Experts,

Olivia Mitchell, Ph.D.

Presidential Advisor, US Department of Labor ERISA Advisory Council, and Professor of Finance at Wharton

David Walker

Former Comptroller general of the United States of America

About Retirement Risk Experts,

William F. Sharpe

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Bill Share is one of the originators of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). He created the Sharpe ratio for risk-adjusted investment.

Ted Benna

The Father of the 401(K)

About Retirement Income Experts,

David Babbel

Award-winning Ph.D., Professor of Finance Wharton, and Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs.

Tom Hegna

Economist, Bestselling Author, and PBS Television Host of "Don't Worry, Retire Happy."

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